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  • Bearing requirements for drainage ditch

    It is inevitable to consider whether the drainage ditch laid outdoors can safely bear the pedestrian or vehicle load imposed on it. As for load, we can divide it into two parts: static load and dynamic load. ● static load The ...

  • Industry-leading Building Line protection

    Protect your building from stormwater flooding with JC BuildLine, a state-of-the-art range of industry-leading drainage solutions that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. JC BuildLine comes with a variety of certified slip-resistant options and assists in the protection of buildings ...

  • Development of laser cutting

    Laser cutting is the most important application technology in laser processing industry. Because of its many characteristics, it has been widely used in automobile, rolling stock manufacturing, aviation, chemical industry, light industry, electrical and electronic, petroleum and metallurgy and ot...

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JC Pty Co., Ltd. is an chain manufacturer, sales and marketing company with access to JC’s other globally strong manufacturing bases. The company offers an extensive portfolio of stormwater, building drainage systems, cable pit and ducting systems; access covers and other products for niche applications. These products are installed in internal and external residential, commercial and industrial applications. Juncheng trading company is an innovative enterprise with ten yea experience in foreign trade. Trust is  based and quality is our life-line which are the motto of our business.

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